Inspection reports can assist in protecting home buyers from investing in damaged residences. Without an examination, you might not find out about hidden repair expenses or vital information for insurance purposes. Emotions can cloud a buyer’s vision during the buying process, leading them to believe the home is in perfect shape regardless of the reality. Therefore, you must get a competent building inspector to provide a report that you can use.

Most investors and new homeowners know they need a professional building inspection, but many struggles to read and interpret the report. Some independent inspectors’ reports are hard to read too and the information very vague. When purchasing a building inspection report, give yourself ample time to ask questions about the property and the report. This will help you assess your budget and whether to buy the property. Spending money on conveyancing before knowing the property’s condition may be wasteful. In case you do find this article prior making an offer, and if you do buy a property in Western Australia, here is a good tip for you, make the property conditional to a comprehensive building inspection report, not just a Structural Inspection report. There is a significant difference between the two. Here is a link to what is excluded from a Structural Inspection, but take note of section 4 as well, what it means is that even that all those items are excluded, it is relevant in a Structural report if it relates to the structural condition of the building.

Pre-Inspection Agreement

In accordance with the relevant Australian Standard – AS4349.1-2007 Section 2, Inspection Agreement, an inspection agreement between the client and inspector must be entered into prior to the inspection taking place. Without an Inspection agreement, an inspector is not insured or risk his insurance won’t pay out in case of a claim. Therefore, it is high risk for the inspector but more a higher risk for the client without knowing what they will get. Sometimes clients are quite disappointed the inspector didn’t point out cracked floor tiles without understanding that might have been an excluded item in a Structural report (Appendix A of the Standard). Terms and conditions highlight a lot of important information to help you understanding the scope and the limitations and exclusions. Jim’s Building Inspections reports are reviewed and approved by the Insurance companies insuring their inspectors. These reports are as close as possible to guidelines set out in the Australian Standards. The report is written in such a way, important and major defects are not easily overlooked by the client.  

The significance of knowing your inspection report

From routine maintenance to significant structural damage, all potential issues will be detailed in a comprehensive building inspection. Don’t be shy about seeking clarification. Sample Inspection Reports are available for viewing on many inspectors’ websites. Please spend some time perusing them. Here is an example of our thorough inspection report.

In any case, recommendations should address difficulties in a way that allows the report’s reader to go forward confidently.

Why choose us?

We at Jim’s Building & Timber Pest Inspections take great pride in providing Perth homeowners with the most in-depth home inspections possible. We ask up front what the scope needs to be, and we help you understand what you signed for where you already signed a REIWA agreement. We have a large team to rely on, should we need advice on structural defects with challenges. We meet monthly and keep training our Inspectors. We do client reviews when they called for a service though our call centre 131546. Besides the fact that we are the largest Building Inspector Group in Australia, we are also part of the largest Franchise Group in Australia. With Jim’s, we focus a lot on just customer satisfaction. If you are unsatisfied with the Inspector, you can simply reach out again to 131546 and a manager will ensure your job gets rectified.

  • Skilled professionals

Putting down money to buy a house is a substantial financial commitment. Our team consists of highly qualified specialists that conduct extensive inspections daily, providing you the peace of mind you need to focus on more essential concerns.  We are trusted by many homebuyers, and we conduct over 5000 inspections monthly. For this reason alone, we ensure our reports are easy to read and we ensure our Inspectors well trained to write reports with no jargon.

  • Digital Reporting Platform

Our digital reporting system ensures that you receive complete results from inspectors quickly, usually within 24 hours following an inspection. If you want to make an informed choice about your property, you can rely on these reports since they include all the essential details and actual problems. Due to the reports’ digital nature, we can even give them to you in record time before you make a purchase. We aim to simplify the steps necessary to finalize your construction or pre-purchase. In Western Australia, many homebuyers get caught out with the Western Australia nature of signing for a property before engaging a Building Inspector.

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