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Commercial and Industrial Building Inspections

Why do I need a commercial building inspection?

Just like purchasing your home, industrial/commercial property is also a significant investment-one that you can’t afford to lose on. Do not leave this investment to chance; get an inspection done right away. This way, you’ll have piece of mind knowing that your building is safe from defects.

For all industrial and commercial property acquisitions, we recommend property inspections in Perth. This is because most property sellers will place a “band-aid” solution over property defects that can later cause problems for the buyers. For example, we often see cracks in bricks which can be hard to identify without the kind of examination that our property inspectors provide. Without having inspectors to conduct a thorough analysis, which our inspectors can provide, you are likely to miss important defects. This could end up costing you more in the long run.

Furthermore, regardless of how a property is intended to be used, there are industrial regulations which must be followed. That is to say, when you bring a commercial building to industrial regulated standards, it can cost you a lot of cash. Before you decide to buy a property, ensure that you are aware of the financial liabilities that may be inherent.

Our insured and experienced Perth Building Inspectors will assist you in this regard. Never leave your investments to chance.

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Check Your Property with Commercial Building Inspections in Perth from Jim’s.

When your business invests in new premises, whatever you plan to use them for, commercial building inspections in Perth can give you peace of mind when you are looking to purchase a property for your business.

Here at Jim’s Building Inspections Perth, we know property. We are a team with extensive knowledge and experience in all things building, construction and real estate – and that makes us the experts you want in your corner when you are thinking of a purchase. Any property purchase, whether for a family or a business, needs to be taken seriously – and with all the legal ramifications of not meeting industrial standards, ensuring the building you are interested in is up to Australian safety standards is important.

We are part of a national network of building inspectors more than 140 strong and growing fast – and as the largest group of inspectors in Australia, we complete 5,000+ inspections every single month, for homes, commercial and industrial properties alike.

What Can I Expect from Commercial Building Inspections in Perth?

If you are an investor, a seller or buyer, or a facility manager of a commercial property, commercial building inspections in Perth will give you peace of mind, discover hidden faults, and ascertain whether the building complies with regulations.

With our inspectors, you can fully understand the financial implications of your purchase, to make sure that you know exactly what steps you might need to take that will make the property safe for your staff. We have a range of additional reports that we can make alongside the usual checks to help with this, such as:

  • All pre-sale/pre-purchase reports
  • Building inspections to AS4349, which is the Australian Standard for building inspections.
  • Construction, renovation, and extension reports
  • Asbestos reports
  • Termite and pest inspections
  • Energy efficiency

Don’t forget, our knowledgeable and expert team can also help with project management and quotation services.

Contact Jim’s Building Inspections in Perth Today.

We are justifiably proud of our reputation, reliability and quality service is what sets us apart from other inspection teams. We are perfectly placed to perform construction inspections in Perth and beyond – and we can get started in as little as 24 hours.

Reports are mailed to you, including detailed photographs where applicable, in plain language. We want you to understand exactly what you are looking at throughout the report, which is why we take our time to explain everything. We can make recommendations, help you make the next move, and make sure that you are fully aware of any financial considerations that you need to make to be up to safety standards and industry regulations.

With our team on hand, you can be confident that you are making the best decision. Whether you are considering a purchase, looking to renovate or extend, or just ensure that your business premises are up to standards and safe for your staff.

Contact Jim’s for all the construction inspections in Perth that you need today.

Some of the other Western Australia suburbs we service are:

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Our inspections can include:


Asbestos Inspection


Complete pre-purchase and pre-sale reports


Invasive inspections

Buying a home?

Before you purchase, you need to be aware of what financial liabilities may be incurred. Our trained, experience and insured Perth building inspectors will be sure to assist you in this regard. Don’t leave your investments to chance

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