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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at some of the questions that our Perth Building Inspectors are commonly asked.

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When do I require a building inspection?
Usually, our clients engage our Perth Building Inspectors within 24 hours after buying their new home.

If you are looking at building or buying a property anywhere in Perth, we highly recommend that you get your building inspected. 1 out of 3 buildings in Perth is sold with some major defects. Ensure that you are aware of what you are investing in.

why should I get a building inspection?
In Perth, the responsibility of purchasing a property that is free from defects rests with the buyer. If you buy a property without understanding the risks that it contains, you will absorb that risk.

Additionally, CSIRO has made claims that timber pests and termites will affect 1 out of 5 properties in Perth at some stage. The study that was made by CSIRO also claims that pests and termites will cause more damage in Perth’s properties than floods, storms and fire combined. The Australian Institute of architects also conducted a study which estimates that Australian homes will spend close to 1 billion every year because of termite related damages.

Inspections help potential and current homeowners to make informed decisions before they rush into buying a property.

How soon can you complete the inspection? How soon do you complete the inspection?
In most cases, we get inspections done in 24hrs after receiveing your call within Perth. This is one of the benefits you get from the biggest inspection company in Australia.
Are your inspectors insured?
Yes, all of our Perth’s building inspectors are insured by both professional indemnity and public liablilty insurance. You can be confident when your property is inspected by us.
Are all your Perth building inspectors qualified?
Although there are no formal qualifications for completing building inspections in Perth, we have have strict requirements that all of our inspectors must meet.

Our Perth building inspectors are all put through a comprehensive training for new construction inspections, pre-purchase inspections, asbestos and pest and timber inspections.

What do your Perth building inspectors inspect?
When our Perth building inspectors attend to your building, we do the following:

  • Inside your roofing space where possible
  • Internal areas, including all storage areas and all rooms
  • Underneath the floors apart from when it’s a concrete slab
  • All external areas
  • The site, like fencings, carports and decks
  • On the roofs of single storey buildings. We’ll have to make prior arrangements if you want your two-storey building inspected, this due to security reasons.
What are the limitations of the building inspection?
In Perth, building inspections are limited to only the accessible areas of your property and site. You need to expect some limitations on this scope to occur.

For instance, floor coverings, walls, and other landscaping factors prevent us from doing a full inspection.

As we complete the assessment of serviceability, we will open doors and windows, but if we cannot get to it safely or see it, it may be excluded from the inspection.

These limitations will be well documented, and we’ll give you our opinion regarding the degree of risk that those problems present. When the risks are high, we will request permission from the owner to do some more deep inspections before the purchase.

When will I receive my report?
Our pre-purchase inspection reports are given on the same day after the inspection is completed. We understand that most of our clients get their houses inspected during a 48hrs settling period. This is for them to look over the report and be sure of your decision.

If you’d require the reports sooner than the 24hrs, just let our Perth building inspector know and they will do their best to fulfil your needs.

How will I get my report?
All your inspection reports are sent via mail. This makes it possible for them to be forwarded to relevant parties in addition to ensuring that you have your reports as soon as possible.

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