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Thinking of Buying a House in Beautiful Mindarie?

Jim’s Building Inspections Mindarie are here to empower you when you are deciding to buy a property in Mindarie.

Mindarie was used in the early 20th Century to mine limestone deposits, but the suburb wasn’t formally established until 1988. A costal suburb characterised by large bushland reserves and parks, it is a popular place for homebuyers and investors alike.

Jim’s Building Inspections offer you the opportunity to buy in Mindarie with confidence. At least a third of properties for sale in Australia are sold with significant defects – and it is not always possible to spot them if you are not experienced. The responsibility for any defects in the property lie with you as a purchaser, and in Western Australia pre-purchase inspections are not mandatory.

Jim’s Building Inspections in Mindarie offer you a complete inspection opportunity. Jim’s Building Inspectors complete over 5,000 inspections a month across Australia, and our Inspectors are chosen because they have decades of experience in building and construction that makes them experts.

If you are thinking of buying a property, emotions can make it difficult to make a rational decision. If you have fallen in love with a home, you will likely be investing the biggest amount of money you are going to spend in a lifetime. Having the knowledge about what is under the surface of your potential new home will empower you to either change your decision or negotiate a better price.

Understand the Mindarie Property with a Pre-Purchase Inspection

Ramy is your local Inspector with Jim’s Building Inspections Mindarie. With over 19 years of experience in building and construction, Ramy graduated with an engineering degree and has a technical mind for inspection success. In 2001, Ramy began building homes in Mindarie and the surrounding suburbs – so nobody knows houses here like Remy.

A Pre-Purchase Inspection is an in-depth look under the surface. Through our inspection, we can check the roof, walls, and floor, look at outbuildings, inspect pools for safety, look at termite damage, and even check for asbestos, if necessary. The inspection report, available 24 hours after inspection, will not only document any problems with photographs, but also provide you with advice if it is necessary.

If you are taking the plunge to construct your own property, then we can help with that too. Ramy can ensure that your builders perform better by being on site and performing a multi-stage inspection. As an Inspector, Ramy can be a useful bridge to manage client/builder relationships and reassure you that the build is going well.

If you are making staged progress payments, then an inspection at each stage is imperative to ensure that work is completed properly – not only to schedule, but also compliant to Building Codes and Regulations. Jim’s Building Inspections Mindarie make inspections throughout the process – from contract signing, to handover and even the 6-month maintenance warranty inspection.

Of course, with over 5,000 inspections completed monthly, we may already have inspected the property you are interested in – search our database to get access to reports that we have already completed to save time and money.

Call Jim’s Building Inspections Today for Your Peace of Mind

If you are considering a purchase in Mindarie – or delving into constructing for yourself – then give yourself the peace of mind to make the best decision.

We also have building inspection services in the following suburbs:

Call Jim’s Building Inspections in Mindarie to make sure that your purchase is the best investment you can make – now and for the future.

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The decision to get your dream home inspected before you buy, is one of the best decisions you can make, to reduce the risk of inheriting structural damage, termites or even asbestos – which could cost you THOUSANDS to fix.

Termite and Timber Pest Inspections

A termite, or any other pest infestation in either your current, or future property, can cause THOUSANDS of dollars in structural damage. We spare no corner or crevice when inspecting your property.

Asbestos Inspections

If your property was built before 1990, it is essential to get it checked for asbestos BEFORE starting any renovations, or purchasing. Our comprehensive inspections will find where the asbestos is, and what conditions it is in..

New Construction

Building your own home can be a dream come true! Don’t let it become a living nightmare! When you build, make sure you get an independent building inspector to inspect progress at various stages of the process.

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