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Pre Purchase Termites and Timber Pest Inspections

Why do I need a pest and termite inspection done?

Termites can spread very fast. Timber pest or termite infestations to your home or property can cost you a fortune because of the structural damage that they can cause. At Jim’s Building Inspections, we can inspect your house or property for these pests and termites, and we spare no corner! We will be more than willing to get into those hard to reach places to inspect your house. Further, our Perth Building Inspectors are fully trained pest inspectors who are fully insured to guarantee that we can set your mind at peace.

It is important for homeowners to understand, termites live under ground and in dark areas. Moisture conditions surrounding the building could attract termites or even in ground structural timbers or dead tree stumps could attract termites.

Our Perth Building Inspections involves a very thorough inch by inch inspection of the entire building looking for traces of termite activity but what clients need to know, is that our inspections starts approximately 150meters around your building. We are fully trained and work very closely with our Termite & Pest Control division, who is Termidor accredited, to understand the behaviour and the most common species you get in the Perth region. By understanding the habits and behaviours, we know what to look for. When we find termites, we go as far as trying to locate the nest and then we assist you to get our nearest licensed Pest Technician engaged to assist you.

The three main criteria’s we will report on when we inspect your home are;

  1. Live termites or evidence of any termite activity.
  2. Conducive conditions that could attract termites to your property and possible solutions how to rectify it.
  3. We inspect for current termite management systems and we provide our clients with comprehensive detail when and what was installed.

Once we’ve completed the timber pest or termite inspection, we can give you a management plan and recommendations on treatment. With our many years of experience, we know the steps to take for a property that is suspected to be damaged due to pests and termites.

Don’t gamble with your house/properties; call us today to book for a Termite and Timber Pest inspection for any pre-purchase termite inspection or simply annual termite inspection requirements. Timber pests is not just about termites. There are other pests such as wood borers, chemical delignification or even moisture. Don’t risk it by engaging an independent person that is not part of a large organisation. At Jim’s we train our people in all aspects to ensure they are firstly capable of providing the service but most importantly, they are fully trained to provide a quality of service.

Some call them white ants and some call them termites. They are the same thing. If you see termites give us a call, we can assist you to get a professional to exterminate the termites.

The three most common species around Perth metro area are;

  1. Coptotermes
  2. Heterotermes
  3. Nasutitermes

Up North in WA you also get Mastotermes, a highly destructive termite.

We work with top authorities like Pesticide Safety WA and Central TAFE to ensure our inspectors have the most relevant and up to date knowledge to assist you.

Some tools we use for inspections are, a donger to tap suspected timbers, flash lights to see in dark or hidden areas, ladders to reach the right heights, specific moisture meters that works by detecting and evaluating moisture conditions within various building materials by non-destructively measuring the electrical impedance and last but not least, we also use Termatrac T3I an Australian made device to detect noise in building elements. Using experts, fully trained to provide homeowners with the right information in the field is extremely important.

You can read more about our Timer Pest Inspection Services on our National website.

Read more on what the Department of Consumer Protection advises on Professional Building Inspections.

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Jim’s Building Inspections Will Terminate Pre Purchase Problems

Are you on the brink of closing a deal on the home of your dreams? You’ve saved for years, put in all the legwork, built up your funds and are now ready to make the biggest investment of your life. This major moment calls for absolute certainty and reassurance. Better safe than sorry is a saying we believe everyone has a right to and Jim’s are here to assist you, to ensure your future home will be secure and pest free.

A Fully Comprehensive Pre Purchase Termite Inspection Perth Wide

Preparing to move into a new home is a mammoth task with several elements to take into consideration. You’ll have a list longer than your arm and because of this, may miss out on a few services that you’re actually entitled to and truly need. Jim’s Building Inspections help to eradicate some of that stress and pressure by providing you with leading professionals in the field who get on with the job; leaving you to focus on other important logistics.

There are so many benefits to our Pre Purchase Termite Inspection:

  • It’s always an extensive search which spans beyond the property itself.
  • It will save you thousands, preventing some serious devastation should there be a termite colony present.
  • It will give you that confidence to seal the deal.
  • Our dedicated team are loaded with the latest technology and the most fitting equipment for ultimate detection.

We are so fortunate in Perth to be surrounded by beautiful nature providing endless stunning views. However, these picturesque forests and superb sites can harbour pests that could run riot throughout your home. Don’t take the risk and instead, enlist Jim’s specialised squad to stamp out those testy termites. We’ll cover every nook and cranny, leaving no inch left unexplored.

Why Choose Our Pre Purchase Termite Inspections?

We’re experienced and knowledgeable with years of successful inspections under our belts. However, it’s not only our expertise that carries us. It’s also our commitment to excellence when it comes to customer service. Your satisfaction and contentment with our company is our top priority. That’s what sets us a part from the rest. We treat every case individually and give you the care and attention you need.

After all, we entered into this business to save people the heartache and hassle we ourselves have been victims of.

Our duty is to use the best tools in the industry, to deliver a sophisticated service that will give you peace of mind and the level of safety you so rightly deserve. Don’t get cheated into a property riddled with defects and hidden infestations. Let us draw up a detailed report that we’ll generate for you within 24 hours so that you can know your next steps with all the required information.

If your interested in our inspections and are within our serviced Perth areas, don’t hesitate to call us for a free, no obligation quote. We’re always on hand to help and answer any of your queries, questions or concerns.

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Need a pest inspection?

Termites can spread. FAST. A termite, or any other pest infestation in either your current or future property, can cost THOUSANDS of dollars in structural damage. Don’t gamble with your property investments, call us today or book an inspection.

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