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Franchise Opportunities

Become a Jim’s Building Inspections Franchisee and join Australia’s leading Building Inspection Company.

A building inspector carries out inspections for all types of buildings including commercial and residential buildings. Inspectors investigate and report on the condition of buildings and identifying defects.

Jim’s Building Inspections offers you the best opportunity to combine your knowledge in the building industry with the most recognised and successful franchise brand to build a business that offers you independence, flexibility, financial reward and all the support you need to succeed.

The Jim’s System is amazingly powerful. We have seen so many franchisees build a successful business—simply by following the Jim’s System and a bit of hard work.

Jim’s Building Inspections has some of the most successful franchisees in the Jim’s Group. We don’t leave our franchisees to their own devices—we partner with them for success.


You get to decide where, when and how long you’ll work

Flat fees

Our fees are flat, and they don’t eat up your profit

Guaranteed Work

We guarantee you $1,500 income per week during your start up

Get Off The Tools

No more long and labour intensive days

Call Centre

Never miss a call at any point with our dedicated call centre

Why be an inspector?

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What makes a successful franchise?

We all know how crucial customer care and support is to build a successful business. If you have a passion for customer care and support, you are definitely what we are looking for at Jim’s Building Inspections Western Australia. We are where we are today because of our exceptional customer service. We don’t have to offer the cheapest prices to win jobs, because we offer incredible service.

Taking time with our clients to explain reports is all a part of our quality service. It’s these simple things that sets us apart from our competition.

We have found that it all contributes to happy and profitable franchisees. The core of everything we expect from our franchisees is customer service.

We are also aware that our successful franchisees are the ones who are willing to grab opportunities presented to them at a go!

Our diverse range of services is another aspect that sets us apart from our competition. Think about it, the more services you offer the greater your income potential!

A Jim’s Building Inspection franchisee can expect advice, training and mentoring from your franchisor, who is based in Perth.

Why should I become a franchisee, instead of going alone?

All our franchisees ask this question before they come on board. You are not alone in asking this. The answer is simple;

  1. $1,500 per week job guarantee during your start-up period
  2. Access to tremendous business support.

Business Support

The best part for being part of Jim’s Building Inspections Perth is that you’ll receive enormous support from our local, Perth based team.

Your regional franchisor is a massive asset at your disposal. You can call them at any time for advice, from business questions to technical building inspection questions. It’s not simple to become a Jim’s Franchisor, we are held to very high standards for the way we mentor, treat and develop our franchisees. It’s evident that a successful business has to have commitment from both parties.

Be assured that your franchisor has interest and genuine care in the success of your franchise. You will not find this level of support from anywhere else.

We know all your business goals before you start and we’ll make suggestions to help grow your business.

You will even get some insight, inspiration and advice from existing franchisees in our 6-weekly meetings. This is our time to come together, share some ideas and do some training just to make sure that we are all making progress. It’s great to share a table with other business owners who act as a sound board for ideas. Our team and team environment are all great.

There’s no animosity between our franchisees. We have similar goals, and we are all heading in the same direction. This is something that is hard to find elsewhere and is a significant benefit of being part of Jim’s Building Inspections Perth.

$1,500 per week work guarantee during start-up phase

We know that by simply starting a business, your other expenses such as mortgage don’t just disappear.

Because of this and to help mitigate the effect it has on you, we offer $1,500 guarantee per week to all our franchisees. If you have been engaging in business development activities that we have suggested, and still have not averaged at least $1,500 from work, we’ll offer you the makeup. This is because we have confidence in you and the business from the start.

What are the requirements for our building inspectors?

To preserve our reputation throughout Perth, as being an inspection company with the most skilled and experienced inspectors, we have some pre-requisites that we look for in our potential franchisees.

These pre-requisites are:

  • – Cert IV in building and construction or relevant trade qualifications
  • – Min 5 years building industry experience in any relevant trade
  • – Registered builder or be able to register within 2 years

Ready to Join Our Team?

We are actively looking for franchisees for the following territories:



Port Kennedy








Two Rocks





Canning Vale



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