A thorough commercial building inspection in Perth will highlight the actual condition of commercial property and the costs required to repair it. However, the question of what a commercial building inspector would check for remains. Here at Jim’s Building Inspectors, we’ve compiled a list of the top four things Perth commercial building inspectors keep an eye out for, so you can see things from their perspective.

First, What Exactly Is Considered to Be A “Commercial Building“?

Commercial building refers to any building, premise, or physical structure on commercial real estate. This structure was designed to make money. Commercial buildings can be broken down into five subcategories: office buildings, retail and restaurant spaces, multifamily dwellings, vacant land, and other/miscellaneous buildings.

A commercial building inspection will look for the following…

1. Buildings have five central systems:

A commercial building inspector will check the state of the electrical, mechanical, heating, plumbing, and air conditioning systems to ensure the facility is fully operational. The commercial building inspector will include a repair cost estimate if a system is not up to code.

2. The exterior

When discussing a building’s exterior, we refer to its exposed parts, such as its windows and doors. Parking, gardening, and roof maintenance are all topics of discussion. With the help of a commercial building inspector, you can find out if your facility is safe to work in and how much it will cost to fix any problems.

3. The interior

We are making it a priority to perform proper safety and hazard checks on the interiors of commercial buildings to ensure they are up to local standards. Walls, flooring, restrooms, offices, kitchens, and similar sections will all be checked by the commercial building inspector. If repairs are needed, they will be uncovered in this section of the examination (from a safety perspective).

4. The certification

During a commercial inspection, we will be looking over several documents. We have experience reviewing a wide range of documents, including but not limited to appraisals, evacuation plans, building plans, citations, certificates of occupancy, building permits, records of fire safety systems, environmental studies, floor plans, maintenance records, and surveys.

We compile our findings from the commercial building inspection into a comprehensive property condition report. Both written and visual evidence of observations will be included in the report. Any suggestions for future action will also be included in the report.

Take Away! When you use Jim’s Building Inspectors service, you can be confident that your business building in Perth will be inspected thoroughly and proficiently. With the help of our commercial building inspection services, you can buy the perfect building for your business with complete peace of mind.