A building and pest inspection is an essential part of acquiring a home. Using this information, purchasers can make an informed judgement regarding the property’s general condition and get the most value for their money. Although the property inspection is critical to the buyer’s decision-making process, the property inspector plays an equally vital role in the quality of the inspection performed on the property. Choosing an Independent Building Inspector Perth for a home inspection requires careful attention to these considerations.

1. An inspector should be a licenced builder.

An inspector who is also a licenced builder can provide you with an in-depth building and pest examination. They have more excellent construction experience and have obtained the most recent industry certifications. When it comes to constructing regulations and codes, a certified builder is well-versed in the property you’re considering.

2. Inspector must have professional indemnity insurance.

For property inspectors, indemnity insurance is a form of liability insurance that shields them from paying the whole amount of a client’s claim for damages. Some jurisdictions in Australia don’t require that building and pest inspection businesses be insured. Therefore, the choice of a property inspector is critical. Knowing that the property inspector is financially responsible for any mistakes they make while doing their inspections is vital for you as a buyer. In addition, buyers will have peace of mind knowing that their interests are safeguarded should the construction inspectors error judgment.

3. Inspectors should be independent of agents.

A home inspector recommended by your real estate agent might not be worth engaging. Because your real estate agent is likely to get a commission if the home is sold, they want you to obtain a favourable report following the inspection. To ensure that the pre-purchase building and pest inspection you receive is objective and accurate, you should use an independent inspector. Many real estate agents exist, and we do get recommendations from them from time to time, but be aware of this technique and don’t be sucked in.

So, you’ve taken all of them into consideration.

Words of Wisdom

Choosing an inspection company is becoming increasingly crucial because of these concerns. Jim’s Building Inspections has a reputation for providing high-quality service as Australia’s top pest and building inspection Perth company. All our inspectors are licenced builders who are not affiliated with any real estate firms or brokers. Although we delight in offering our clients comprehensive and expert inspection services, our clients may rest easy knowing that we have professional indemnity insurance.

We have decades of industry expertise and have developed some of the best working connections. When you work with us, you can be assured that you will be working with experienced local specialists who will guide you through the property purchase or construction process. Call us now to schedule a building inspection in Perth!