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Pool Compliance Statements

When selling your house, it’s a requirement that you produce a pool compliance certificate.

Are you buying or selling a property with a swimming pool in Perth? If yes, without a swimming pool compliance certificate, you will be held accountable if an accident or anything happens and your pool is involved. Furthermore, most insurance companies will not cover you in that instance.

We are all aware of how things can escalate when children are left unsupervised, even for just a second. The primary reasons as to why we are this passionate in ensuring your pool compliance are taken care of are to avoid the worst possible outcome.

Perth’s Building Inspection can provide you with pool compliance statements if all the aspects of your swimming pool comply within 24hrs of being contacted across Perth’s metropolitan area. One call to our centre and you can talk to an inspector that is near you in seconds.

Call us now to speak to one of our inspectors.

Buying a home?

Jim’s Building Inspections can provide you with a pool compliance statement if all aspects of the fence comply within 24 hours of being contacted with franchisee’s spread out across the metropolitan area.

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