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Jim’s Building Inspections – Offering Construction Inspections in Perth and Beyond.

Building your own home is a dream that many Australians want to attain. If you are in the position to be able to construct your dream property, then you are already living the dream.

Constructing a new property needs thorough preparation, and no build will ever go smoothly. You need to make sure that you are aware of all the steps that you need to ensure that any issues with your build are dealt with quickly, efficiently, and without unnecessary cost.

Jim’s Building Inspections specialise in construction inspection in Perth , structural building inspections and beyond, so we are here to help you make sure that you know exactly what is going on with your build – at every stage.

With over 130 inspectors completing 5,000 inspections every month throughout Australia, Jim’s Building Inspections have years of combined knowledge and experience in building, construction, bricklaying, law, real estate, and quantity surveying. You can get access to all that experience when you book a construction inspection in Perth or elsewhere in Western Australia.

Why Get a Construction Inspection?

Whether you are building your perfect home, or you are investing in property, you want to make sure that everything is working to plan – following your timeline, avoiding potentially expensive and time-consuming mistakes.

Building a property is the work of several different trades, all coming together to create a house – and managing those relationships can be difficult, especially if there is a problem.

When you are constructing a property, you will likely by making staged progress payments – and here at Jim’s we perform inspections at every stage.

A construction inspection should be made at each of the four main stages of the build:

  1. Slab Stage:

Finished concrete is inspected to make sure it is even and consistent, and that all regulations about vapour barrier and steel reinforcements are being met.

  1. Frame Stage:

Frame positioning, windows and door frames, load bearing timbers as well as all bracing, mechanical fasteners, tie downs and anchors.

  1. Lockup

Inspect roofing, brickwork, installation of windows including fixings, plaster, wall linings and waterproof membranes.

  1. Handover

The handover inspection is an exhaustive check of the construction. We check all work completed to ensure that it meets relevant Australian Standards and Building Codes – and it matches the Approved Plans. This usually takes place once the build is complete – and all the internal fixtures, fittings, and finishes have been completed.

When you instruct Jim’s Building Inspections to undertake a construction inspection on your Perth build, we will give you the confidence to know that you build is progressing as expected – so that you can happily make your staged payments.

Jim’s Building Inspections – a Reliable Service You Can Trust

Property investment of any kind is likely to be the biggest financial commitment that you are going to make in your lifetime.

Whether you are constructing your build, or you are buying an older home, you need to make sure that before you spend any money you know that there are no hidden defects. Getting a construction inspection in Perth and beyond with Jim’s will help you to ensure that your build is exactly as you want it – and it is being completed safely.

If you are planning a build, call Jim’s Building Inspections for a construction inspection today.

Do I Need a Construction Inspection in Perth?

Whether you are looking to build an investment property or your new home, constructing a property comes with some very particular issues that need some specialist intervention. Jim’s Building Inspections Perth offer a construction inspection in Perth service that could save you time and money, as well as taking some of the stress out of the journey.

Jim’s Building Inspections Perth want every property buyer and builder to be able to make informed, confident decisions about their potential properties – and that is why contacting us “before you buy, before you build” will give you access to our highly trained, knowledgeable experts who can look for problems, help to manage contractors, and provide priceless advice throughout the buying or building process.

As construction inspection experts, we are affiliated with the Jim’s range of services, so if there is something that needs doing during the build, we can recommend a local Jim’s that can offer you the same level of service, knowledge and experience you have come to expect from us. Our construction inspection in Perth, like our other inspection services, is focused on your needs and will prevent unnecessary stress and delays.

What to Expect from a Construction Inspection from Jim’s.

Having a construction inspection in Perth means having an expert on hand, to manage relationships between you as the client and the builders and contractors working on site. We know that contractors perform much better when there is an independent inspector there, and we can manage communication on your behalf regularly.

As you will likely be making staged payments for the construction, we can inspect at each stage to ensure that everything has been completed in the correct way. We offer inspections at the following stages:

  • Contract Review – ensuring that all contracts are correct
  • Slab Inspection – Before concrete is poured, this ensures that all slabs are level, the vapour barrier is correctly placed, and there are no poor building practices or incorrectly placed materials
  • Plate Height Inspection – Window and door frames are checked to ensure they are at the correct height, the ceilings are at the correct height, and the insulation is not torn.
  • Lock-Up Inspection – This is an important stage as it is usually the biggest payment to the contractors. We inspect the roofing, flashings, brickwork, windows and doors, plaster, and other areas to ensure that they have all been completed to the standards of the applicable Building Code.
  • Handover Inspection – At this point we ensure that all work has been completed in accordance with Australian Safety Standards, including any interior fittings like cladding, architraves, bathrooms and kitchens, bench tops and storage.
  • 6-Month Maintenance Warranty Inspection – This is the stage where any ‘settling’ issues need to be rectified and it is important to have the property inspected by an expert at this stage too.

Jim’s Property Inspections Perth employ inspectors that are experienced in the building and construction industry, from builders to conveyancers – so our construction inspection will be completed by an expert.

Choose Jim’s Property Inspections for a Reliable Service

We want you to make the best purchasing decisions, and to be able to approach buying or building a house with confidence. Our straightforward property and construction inspections will give you clear, easy to understand reports that you can use to decide what your next steps can be – and our helpful team is on hand to help you find the services that you need to move forwards.

Contact Jim’s today and get your building project off the ground with our support and knowledge.

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The decision to get your dream home inspected before you buy, is one of the best decisions you can make, to reduce the risk of inheriting structural damage, termites or even asbestos – which could cost you THOUSANDS to fix.

Termite and Timber Pest Inspections

A termite, or any other pest infestation in either your current, or future property, can cause THOUSANDS of dollars in structural damage. We spare no corner or crevice when inspecting your property.

Asbestos Inspections

If your property was built before 1990, it is essential to get it checked for asbestos BEFORE starting any renovations, or purchasing. Our comprehensive inspections will find where the asbestos is, and what conditions it is in..

New Construction

Building your own home can be a dream come true! Don’t let it become a living nightmare! When you build, make sure you get an independent building inspector to inspect progress at various stages of the process.

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