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Local Building Inspections in Applecross – with Jim’s Reliable Service

As one of the best known and well-trusted brand names in Australia, Jim’s has always stood for reliable service, whether that is for gardening, skip bins, cleaning or building inspections.

Jim’s Building Inspections in Applecross can offer you a range of options to give you our expert opinion on the property you are thinking of buying or building. Our building inspectors bring a wealth of real, on the job experience and knowledge that we use to analyse and discover the hidden defects that could be costly to you in the future.

Whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced investor, buying a property is largest financial outlay you will make in your lifetime, so it makes sense to find out as much as you can before you sign. You may not be able to see defects in a property – not only because purchasing is an exciting and often quick process, but because real estate agents and sellers can sometimes place a ‘band aid’ over issues that disguise them – unless you have the keen eye of a building inspector.

Meet Tony – Your Local Specialist in Building Inspections for Applecross and Beyond

Tony has a strong family background in construction and took a keen interest in bricklaying. Although he studied to become an accountant, bricklaying was his passion – and he worked for local construction companies laying bricks on days he wasn’t studying.

He now has over 15 years in the bricklaying industry, and in 2018 he completed a Diploma in Building and Construction. Passion, training, knowledge, and expertise are key to Tony’s success – and he is a well-regarded building inspector.

The inspections that Tony completes are thorough, detailed and undertaken in accordance with AS4349 1. Tony specialises in using the latest technology – like non-invasive moisture monitors and thermal imaging cameras – to give the best service. Tony focuses on client service, going above and beyond for every client and exceeding expectations.

What Type of Building Inspections are Available?

If you are considering a purchase, getting a building inspection can give you a better picture – and more of an understanding of defects that could cause you problems long term. This information can either stop you from making a costly mistake or can give you negotiating power when it comes to pricing.

We inspect buildings for:

This can be before purchase, during construction, or as a property condition/dilapidation report.

We work with buyers – both homeowners and investors, settlement and real estate agents, property managers, property developers and builders, finance brokers, agents, and mortgage brokers. By completing several inspections, we can give you the peace of mind you need to be able to make a considered decision when purchasing a property.

Jim’s Building Inspections work to give you confidence – you will know that your new house is built according to Australian Standards, the building quality is up to scratch, and there are no hidden problems that could be a costly issue later.

When you contact us for an inspection, your local building inspector in Applecross will complete within 24 hours. As the biggest inspection company in Australia we have the capacity and ability that smaller organisations lack – and we are backed by professional indemnity and public liability, strict requirements, and comprehensive training.

If you are looking to buy a property, speak to Jim’s Building Inspections before you sign – don’t decide before you have all the available information.

Building Inspections In Applecross

If you’re in the market to buy a new property, you’ll also be in the market for a building inspection. A building inspection might be the best money you ever spend. We all have a picture in our heads of what the perfect house looks like and when we find the perfect house our emotions can often cloud our judgement as we overlook things that we really shouldn’t just to make that dream home our home.

Many of us look at homes that are ‘fixer-uppers’ and believe that, with a bit of cash and a few weekends of DIY, we can fix the decorative issues and restore the house to all its glory. However, it takes a professional to look past the aesthetics and identify the real issues. Some houses look absolutely fine from the outside but only a professional can identify the hidden issues that may end up costing the new homeowner tens of thousands of dollars.

Just imagine buying your perfect home and a few years later realising the roof is not properly insulated and sealed? Not only do you now have to spend your hard-earned money on repairing the roof, but you also need to spend money on fixing potential water damage in the attic space and on bedroom ceilings.

If you’re buying a house in Applecross old or new, a building inspection should be the very first thing on your list of things to organise.

How Can A Building Inspection Give Peace Of Mind?

Having a building inspection before you make the biggest purchase of your life doesn’t just offer peace of mind; it can save you time and money too.

An independent building inspection can identify a wide range of potential problems with the building before those problems become your problems! As well as building defects such as structural issues, we can also offer advice on termite infestation. This is a common problem in Australia but if it is not identified, it can be very costly to exterminate the termites and repair the damage they cause. Our building inspectors can also identify improper building materials, such as asbestos. Both these substances can cause serious illness if they are present in the family home and they both need to be removed and disposed of by professionals. Since it is not as simple as ordering a skip and throwing out the materials, their removal comes at a great cost, which should not be yours to bear.

Our reports are comprehensive and by no means limited to the issues above. We don’t work in conjunction with building developers or real estate agents so you can be absolutely sure that we have no interest in whether or not the property you are interested in sells or not. Our one and only concern is ensuring that the property you buy is safe and good value for money.

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The decision to get your dream home inspected before you buy, is one of the best decisions you can make, to reduce the risk of inheriting structural damage, termites or even asbestos – which could cost you THOUSANDS to fix.

Termite and Timber Pest Inspections

A termite, or any other pest infestation in either your current, or future property, can cause THOUSANDS of dollars in structural damage. We spare no corner or crevice when inspecting your property.

Asbestos Inspections

If your property was built before 1990, it is essential to get it checked for asbestos BEFORE starting any renovations, or purchasing. Our comprehensive inspections will find where the asbestos is, and what conditions it is in..

New Construction

Building your own home can be a dream come true! Don’t let it become a living nightmare! When you build, make sure you get an independent building inspector to inspect progress at various stages of the process.

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